With the ever on going changing of Internet technologies and video platforms such as YouTube, the entire circus industry has changed. In the majority of cases, show producers or casting directors book artists for their shows via YouTube and that we all know is a fact. Currently on the internet are the largest variety of circus acts and it becomes more and more difficult to become noticed by employers. I’ve been producing circus artists for 10 years and I know firsthand how difficult to promote new acts. Casting directors around the world receive thousands of emails with video links, but they are physically unable to view all of them. Based on my experience, I developed a completely new concept, and I am sure that the "Online Circus Festival" will become a new innovative platform that can give a great chance and promote new, truly worthy artists. As soon as I announced the festival, I received a lot of positive feedback from employers from around the world and I am extremely grateful to the 20 members of the jury who believed in me and agreed to be part of this experimental project. The main “point” of the festival (which can be implemented only on the Internet) will be the play-off system and the lottery draws of the participants and jury members, all this will give incredible intrigue and unpredictability. In this difficult time, when circuses all over the world are forced to close, and artists, unfortunately, are sitting without job on quarantine.. The "Online Circus Festival" will unite the entire circus community from all over the world on the Internet and at least, help to overcome this difficult period together!

- Dmitry Chernov

Founder of the "Online Circus Festival"


  • Total quantity of Jury Members: 30
  • Organising committee of the "Online Circus Festival" chooses all Jury members.
  • Jury member evaluates the participant in 2 categories:
    "Difficulty of the tricks" and "Creativity of the performance".
    (1-10 points in each categories)
  • All Jury members will be selected by drawing lots for TOP-100 & TOP-30 compitition round during the festival.


  • Total quantity of Participants: 100
  • Each participant can apply with 1 own act only.
  • Video must be recorded and uploaded on YouTube/Vimeo from 05.04.2019 (Not older than 2 years ago)
  • Short video teasers not acceptable.
  • Performance on the video is your property and you do not infringe anyone's copyright.
  • Organising committee of the "Online Circus Festival" will choose TOP-100 acts from all applications.
  • TOP-100 participants will be divided into groups (from A to J) by drawing lots.


Judging will be done in the form of a «Rating» system. Artists will be set into groups to be evaluated by the judges that have been designated through our lottery system to judge that particular group. The jury must evaluate the participants in 2 categories: Category 1: «Difficulty of the tricks» a rating out of 10 against the other artists in their group and Category 2 «Creativity of the performance» also a rating out of 10 against the other artists in their group. Each groups rating from 1 (lowest) till 10 (highest) out of the artists in their respective category. Each rating is unique and cannot be repeated in same category. For example, Jury can give a rating of 10 for the «Difficulty» or «Creativity» category to 1st participant, based on this, Jury can not give a rating of 10 to different participant in same category in same group, or it would defeat the purpose of measuring the artists against each other within the same group. With this responsible system, Jury Members must carefully study each participant, based on the other artists within their group selection, and mark them accordingly «Ratings» them against each other for each category of «Difficulty» and «Creativity».
Top-100 (1-10 Rating) ; TOP-30 (1-6 Rating) ; TOP-5 (1-5 Rating)
In case of participants acquiring the same total points within the same group. The participant with highest “Difficulty of the tricks” Rating goes to next round.

TOP-100 (Qualification)

  • A total of 10 groups (from A to J) with 10 participants each.
  • TOP-100 particpants will be divided into groups by drawing lots.
  • A random lottery draw will choose 3 Jury members for each group.
  • Only 3 participants from each group with highest "Rating" will pass to the next round: TOP-30 .


  • A total of 5 groups with 6 participants each.
  • Participants are divided into groups according to the drawing pre-plan of the festival.
  • A random lottery draw will choose 6 Jury members for each group.
  • Only 1 participant from each group with highest "Rating" will pass to the final round: TOP-5.

TOP-5 (Final Round)

  • Only 5 participants go to the final round.
  • All the 30 jury members will judge TOP-5 final round..
  • TOP-5 arrangement will be:
    1st Place Prize, 2nd Place Prize, 3rd Place Prize, 4th Place Prize and 5th Place Prize
  • All participant can receive an additional special prizes or invitations.
    All will be announced with all results on 14 April 2021.